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We introduce ourselves as a professionally managed organization providing solutions for Earthing problems. We are ISO 9001 & 14001 approved company. It is more than decade; we are providing Earthing Electrodes with technical collaboration of M/s AB George Henri Belgium. Global Earthing Electrodes have been approved by various Govt. departments including satisfactory testing & approval from CPRI Bangalore, QMC Faridabad etc. We are the approved vendors for UPS - APC (Merlin & Gerin) and Emerson.


In a mains electricity (AC power) wiring installation, the ground is a wire with an electrical connection to earth. By connecting the cases of electrical equipment to earth, any insulation failure will result in current flowing to ground that would otherwise energize the case of the equipment. A proper bonding to earth will result in the circuit over-current protection operating to de-energize the faulty circuit.


It is not fun, and electricity kills a great many people worldwide every year. A current of 50mA (barely enough to make a low wattage lamp even glow) is sufficient to send your heart into a state called "ventricular fibrillation", where the heart muscles are all working out of synchronization with each other. Little or no blood is pumped, and DEATH, is within about 3 minutes unless help is immediately at hand. If this happens, it is possible that with external heart massage that it might re-start, and occasionally it might even re-start by itself - rare, but it can happen.

The result of fatal electrocution is that you will no longer be able to enjoy the hi-fi that you have spent so much time and money putting together, and all other earthly activities are similarly curtailed.

Grounding is necessary to eliminate electrostatic/dynamic discharge which can destroy sensitive equipment and disrupt power supply. Any voltage differences between individual electronic units can damage or destroy valuable equipment. Furthermore, noise can cause data output errors.